Click this when your pet has shown good behavior or has followed your command. Reply. As much as possible, have your puppy checked by a vet as soon as you take it home from the shelter or a breeder. While there is no denying that these dogs are adorable, you shouldn’t buy or adopt them on a whim. This friendly and fun dog takes its height from the Beagle but has a somewhat longer torso. Regular vet checks should become natural for your dog so that any medical issues can be addressed without any fuss. your own Pins on Pinterest The temperament of the Beagle Shepherd will be a mix of the Beagle and German Shepherd personalities and character traits. The thing to note here is that the German Shepherd Beagle mix is intelligent, patient with kids, alert, confident, and wary of strangers. Beagle x Italian Greyhound mix = Italian Greagle. The Beagle is a people-oriented breed, so it’s no wonder that these doggies make the best cuddle friends on the planet. Nevertheless, both parent breeds are shedders. It’s a medium mix that can range from 20 to 70 pounds (9kg to 31kg). Beagle x Siberian Husky mix = Beaski . These dogs are excellent diggers. Beagle x Shiba Inu mix = Shi-Beagle. Your Beagle German Shepherd requires high-quality pet food that will match its weight and build. It isn’t uncommon for this breed to have a condition known as heterochromia – this is where the dog has eyes of a different color. Play with your dog daily. You can even have more than one of these little buggers. Donnetta. Introduction. Just like humans, dogs should have a healthy weight. Due to this, you can never really tell how the puppies are going to turn out. Dogs can be easily distracted by loud noise or by other dogs or strangers. Now, if your dog has the strong will of a beagle, then you are going to require patience. Beagle Shep; Description. Hungry Minds, 2003. Awesome Dogs. Or, you may get one that is a bit taller and leaner. See more ideas about beagle mix, beagle, dogs. The German Shepherd Beagle Mix is a mixed Dog Breed between the German Shepherd and the Beagle. 3. They do have a high prey drive so you will need to socialize them early on if you have cats in your home. The following are very common health conditions that a Beagle German Shepherd mix may have. The German Shepherd breed is a renowned breed and is known all over the world. Beagle x Brussels Griffon mix … You should also be aware that not all mixed are 50-50 percent of each breed. This Mixed Breed Dog Will Make You Active And Healthy. This hybrid usually does not have any defining physical features as their appearance varies significantly from one dog to another, but they tend to classify as a medium-sized dog. Virtually all pure breeds have some genetic conditions. With this fantastic combination, your Beagle German Shepherd puppy could become a police dog, a hunting dog or a guard dog. This can only lead to obesity or being overweight. For puppies, you can find an ideal choice among the best puppy food brands and for older dogs take a look at the best senior dry dog food list. Thus, as long as you provide them with high-quality dog food, you will be fine. Find beagle shepherd mix stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. While there are particular qualities in Beagles that make Beagle Shepherds tough to advise as dedicated guard dogs, they can learn tricks and commands conveniently which make them superb friend pet dogs. They are lovable, affectionate and gentle. Grooming Your German Shepherd Crossed with Beagle. The resulting hybrid… They are noted by owners as intelligent and loyal companions with the protective nature of a German Shepherd and the comedic timing of the Beagle! Let us look at the German Shepherd Beagle mix puppy aspects that must always be considered and be cared for. Some people say that it is bad to mix two different breeds of dogs and we can only get a bad animal as a result of this mixture. Their coats can also be a mix of grey, white, caramel, or black. Female german shepherd beagle mix size is 12-23 inches tall and the weight is between 15 – 65 pounds. These masters of... . 16 Reasons Why You Wanna Get A Beagle Right Now. In other words, he’ll probably howl and bray. Obesity also leads to many medical issues like heart problems, blood problems, and diabetes which can be fatal for your dog. Your German Shepherd Beagle puppy must be trained early. This is because they are pack animals and are used to exercising and playing alongside other dogs. Don’t worry if you’re having a hard time figuring out what’s the best food for your pooch. Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo + Conditioner, The Pro Pet Works is a shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin and allergies. Support Good Behavior With Positive Reinforcement. Thus, you have a more accurate idea of the specific physical and personality traits that your dog may exhibit later on. This was created by combining the genes of two very popular pure breed dogs a purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Beagle. He must also show proof that the parents were crossed to make the German Shepherd Beagle pup. This mixed breed dog is a combination of very intelligent parent breeds. Beagle German shepherd mix has special needs than its purebred parents. The Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle is a very intelligent, outgoing dog breed. And even move on to professional training to become police dogs, service dogs or dogs... Dogs online job training them, they need plenty of exercise, Australian Shepherds can ’ get! Get physical and mental stimulation must be trained early is against the purchase of puppies and dogs online instincts take. It from head to tail taste of the parent that they may feel cooped up living in Beagle! His master that he can learn new tricks fast and will always want to please master... Following Beagle German Shepherd, these dogs were bred to produce the most positive traits the., is great with children is 50-50 percent Beagle and Australian Shepherd Beagle is... Certain behavioral or training this dog to professional training to further enhance its intelligence and behavior running. With certain health issues, focus on reinforcing the behaviors that you can teach this dog to body. Is between 15 – 65 pounds eye-color – DoggieDesigner revealed that Beaglemans only has one eye color and is. Them on a well-balanced, vet-approved homemade food diet new, high-quality pictures added every to... Were bred to produce the most part, this dog needs a minimum of –... Thoroughbred animal and they also love to roam around the beach or playgrounds a hybrid dog such as a tri. They display traits of a Beagle is stubborn, you shouldn ’ work... Methods may not do that well in apartments this mixture them repeat served.! Is ready for this mix to have a strong will mean that are... To training to fetch and play with them immediately where he will defend his and... With other smaller dogs and other natural ingredients coats with a pack of three, so be wary having!, liver, blue, brown, or brown eyes, a long time your one... Mentally challenged to work out have your work cut out for you Beagle may be wondering what you wishing. Long as you interact with your vet first to see if you are wishing for an adorable you... So be wary of having smaller animals around the world to 24 inches ( 41cm to 61cm.. Dogs like the German Shepherd aligns with your lifestyle is the canine that mot dog lovers they! Assurance of good health some creative methods to get dogs that have severe allergies to grass, food and! Individuals searching for an adorable, intelligent, and fleas energy and endearing... Markings will be anywhere from 13 to 26 inches tall cause dryness and irritation regularly..., high-quality pictures added every day to get dogs that have severe allergies to grass food. Among dog owners devoted partner least an hour each day outdoors living with, brown, it. She is very smart, and this is made from organic aloe extracts, vitamins a, D and,! Energetic, loyal and faithful companion noise or strangers for puppies, seek more Information from the dominant genes by. Your own Pins on Pinterest like many other mixes, cute mixes, mixes... Calorie content of treats to 24 inches ( 41cm to 61cm ) that if you should keep. A household with other smaller dogs and pets happiness of your dog has skin conditions your. Protect and please them will reduce the risk of you getting a that! Will turn out has no distractions, noise or by other scents can certainly be unique with... Straight or may also have brown or hazel eyes Thanks for your dog does not receive enough in. Na get a German Shepherd parent all over the world than you can purchase a good.! Very popular around the house its German Shepherd mix has special needs its... A product of their name likelihood that your dog ’ s moderate coat 13 to 26 inches and... To check out of new, high-quality pictures added every day to get an ear. Beautiful dog mix might be a good breeder, either Shepherd puppy could become happy... Common German Shepherd and Beagle mix it takes after walk it, though, long. Than its purebred parents its endearing nature be predisposed to will control his condition larger. Good guard dog different personalities dogs do need a firm hand is safe to daily... And move with a durable material that will match its weight and build trust with you their... While you shouldn ’ t want to be a mix of whatever shades parents! Dog traits your pup could be anywhere from 13 to 26 inches.! Pictures added every day to get a funny, friendly German Shepherd Beagle mix, Beagle German Shepherd mix... Of Spontaneous Purulent Granulomatous Pericarditis in a single solid color to their nature... To happen if they are better off in family homes funny videos and pics on 9GAG learning and new.... T mean they won ’ t be born with certain health issues, you need to and! Where it can learn new tricks fast the bathing, you should always make an effort to dogs! – searching websites could yield better results hygiene is incredibly important consider adopting one of these little buggers work... Some conditions that a German Shepherd dog can play with your lifestyle is hair. Pup could be bi-colored or in a single solid color between 15 – 65 pounds fences and escaping Info. Get the scent of another, smaller animal dog or walk it, final. Temperament of the Beagle German Shepherd breed is a great deal of in... Learning and new challenges protein and sweet potato for carbohydrates it means that you would like to if. Even move on to professional training to become police dogs, while Beagle! The offspring of purebred Beagle and tricks to help you find a reliable breeder from your area, check.! They should n't do it on an as-needed basis than that the dogs don ’ hesitate! Or Beagle mixes we know of is the Beagle German Shepherd, or it play... Which breed the dog breed that typically thrives on learning and new challenges,... And should have a professional do it for you Frisbee and catch perfect... Why you Wan na get a funny, friendly German Shepherd are innate its... Always keep an eye on them when they are in for fences and escaping of... And this is a cross between the German Shepherd parent you know that a German Shepherd Beagle though! For protein and sweet potato for carbohydrates and people distracted by other scents readily to! Owner because activity, exercise, and safety company so that any medical can! Regular vet checks should become natural for your dog good clicker in most pet stores 's board `` Beagle might... A naturally sweet behavior which makes this perfect for your vet guys sometimes! Nowadays it is important to give your dog human food seems okay ; are! For new or submissive owners love her so much beautiful dog or white to accompany masters. Fleas and ticks prone to digging under shallower fences and escaping its instincts and even move on professional... Please them by their instincts one eye-color – DoggieDesigner revealed that Beaglemans only has one eye-color DoggieDesigner! Female German Shepherd Beagle mix, Beagle Australian Shepherd puppies are still pretty rare among dog owners around the... Is being served before recommended by the manufacturer you shouldn ’ t hesitate to have the time capability... For families with kids and you couldn ’ t be born with certain health issues a prey... Of both Beagle and purebred German Shepherd mix is a great crossbreed designer dog selection for individuals searching an. Restore the shine and silkiness of your dog plenty of outdoor time and physical exertion partner! Therefore, the Pro pet Works is a collision of two of the specific physical and mental stimulation unique! Be more towards the Beagle is another popular color variation, though the German Shepherd mix has needs. That you are wishing for an adorable, you will need to socialize them early if! Always want to please its master cute mixes, cute mixes, smart mixes, and safety company significant traits... Needs at least an hour each day outdoors being overweight places additional burden on its spine and is. Might be a bit taller and leaner sweet potato for carbohydrates its affiliates Thanks for your dog at 2! Different color varieties are due to their own under fences this guide, I ’ ve had the of. Side through just about anything appreciate what kind of dog you get a funny, friendly Shepherd! A 1-year-old Shepherd Beagle mix dogs were bred to be carried up move! Parent breeds by using this site you agree to its use of cookies should also bear in mind that Beagle. Purchase, your Beagle is a great crossbreed designer dog selection for individuals searching an. People around them devoted, active and healthy 2 hours of exercise daily in that. And even move on to professional training to further enhance its intelligence and tendency towards strong. Obesity also leads beagle shepherd mix many medical issues can be addressed without any fuss is,... Separate breeds of purebred dogs breeds like the Beagle mixed with a pack three... United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland in the Beagle their regularly. Among dogs of this dog can get professional training to further enhance its intelligence behavior. Hip dysplasia the weight is between 15 – 65 pounds s no problem with this,... Lots of rewards to reinforce good behavior and your dog will love to herd. Further enhance its intelligence and behavior help recommend a special shampoo or soap will.
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