With regard to the system I was configuring today the sweet spot was at 4250 MHz for all the cores. The single core result for "Profile 2" was 480 which was exactly the same as using the Auto Overclock option on Ryzen Master, the big difference however it achieved that score at 1.3 Volts (whereas the Auto Overclock resulted in the CPU having 1.45 Volts shoved into it) and the PPT (CPU) value was at around 16% whereas with the Auto Overclock the PPT (CPU) wall all the way in the red at 100%For "Profile 1" the single core result was a bit over 490 (can't remember exactly) but again the voltage was at 1.3 Volts and the PPT was again at around 16%Especially with the single core results in Cinebench both Precision Boost Overdrive and Auto Overclocking options were punting ridiculous amounts of volts into the CPU for an inferior score.With regard to the all core results, with PBO and Auto Overclock the CPU had an all core boost of just a bit over 4.0 GHz and a score of 6385. The best result achieved for the 3900X was with PBO and AutoOC under a CLC, and the worst was with an air cooler and PBO disabled, but the gap is still so incredibly small. Thanks for the info. Anyone else have trouble getting Ryzen 9 3900x to boost at 4.5 or 4.6 single core on Crosshair VIII Hero Wifi board? AMD has been extremely reluctant to commit to numbers for single core boost and all core boost, because Precision Boost uses an “opportunistic algorithm” to boost frequency until it hits one of those limits. Allein das pbo on und -0,1 volt bringt bei mir mehr Punkte und auch 5-6 Grad Temperaturunterschied. 3900X with NH-D15 running at 90C at stock PBO settings... Help (CPU) Close. By Usman Pirzada. Someone at MSI was paying attention to PBO enough to create these profiles, so we can assume that they’ve tailored the motherboard PPT/TDC/EDC limits to fit their board. So now that you have configured "Profile 2" you take those values and apply them to "Profile 1" and then the only thing that you change is under "Additional Control" you set "Simultaneous Multithreading" to "Off". But if a person has a top … We have a more limited set of results for the Total War: Warhammer 2 Battle benchmark, just the 3900X on the MSI board with an air cooler and a liquid cooler. Ok just another update have also played around with the PBO settings in the Bios and Im getting a nice boost from 4275Mhz to 4400Mhz consistently all cores on my 3900X while gaming, good cooling and a bit of playing around has definitely been worth it. Default for Socket AM4 is at least 88W on motherboards rated for 65W TDP processors. Areej October 22, 2020. Open shopping cart. We ran a mix of Cinebench R15, Cinebench R20, and 1080p game tests. It’s hard to get results this unchanging when we actually want them. So I auto-overclock, and raise Fmax to 4.8 gHz. Setting your system up to use Precision Boost 2 is perfectly safe as the CPU’s guidelines are relatively conservative. You just have to benchmark before and after. That's the best way to know since everyone's silicon is different. There's an old saying, "The large print giveth and the small print taketh away". Especially in games. Considering that most of their 3900x and 3950x CPUs run at 145W, … Hatte mal die Werte vom 3900x eingetragen die eigentlich total sinnfrei sind. OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. temps constantly jumping from 45c-70c up and down Even in bios i get 60-65c , all settings on auto, enabled d.o.c.p , bios updated to last version (3103). With PBO or especially with Auto Overclocking the CPU gets way too much voltage whacked into it, and TSMC recommends 1.3 Volts as a maximum for its 7nm node and that's where I drew the line.Above that you just run into ever diminishing returns and you end up with a lot more heat than a higher score can justify.You also have to realise that silicon lottery is a thing, and I would be interested how far you could push your CPU manually if you limited it to 1.3 Volts.The thing is that I have gotten really cheesed off with so-called Ryzen configuration articles that are based on specific motherboards and BIOS and decided to write something that is useful to EVERYONE. Third-party hardware monitor software can report inaccurate temps - use Ryzen Master instead. The 3900X is a very efficient CPU but it can suck down a huge amount of power (and generate a lot of heat) when asked to - up to 140W in default settings. So now you have the best of both worlds, a 12 Core/12 Thread "Profile 1" for gaming and a 12 Core/24 Thread "Profile 2" for production work where you need the extra threads. GamersNexus.net is Owned, Operated, & Maintained by GamersNexus, LLC. If AMD were so confident in the pronouncements you describe then could you also explain to me why the very use of PBO voids the AMD warranty for their CPUs? AMD PBO Bios Settings. I cannot in good conscience recommend the AMD statement to him which, to me, appears to be a self-serving document allowing for a hypothetical over-volting of the system, to reach clock-speeds allowing it to be competitive, whilst at the same time stating that if you trust these documents and run your system in accordance with them then you void your warranty and if something goes wrong then you are SOL. All of the 3900X results were gathered on the Gigabyte board. Need help with my pc (3900x / asus C7H / noctua nh-u12s push & pull setup) Can someone explain this behavior? In either case, the combination of PBO and AutoOC yielded improvements in some applications, but wasn't as impressive with the Ryzen 7 3700X as it was with the Ryzen 9 3900X. I personally haven't seen it, so I was curious if you could forward a copy. Gigabyte has similar BIOS wording to Asrock and correct me if wrong but Gigabyte has PBO settings on 3 different places, which is confusing. Joined: 7 Apr 2017 Posts: 1,563. The single threaded test again shows barely any difference, and in fact taking an average has PBO disabled ahead of the other result at 1.47V versus 1.46V, but that difference is negligible. 3950X have better behaviour with a EDC 16~20 setting. It has taken me this long to write this guide because I don't get free stuff sent to me so I had to wait until I was able to get hands on experience with this CPU and its two chiplet design. My aim is to use the processor with optimum performance without damaging or degrade it. So here we go, and when I am done you will say, "This is obvious, how come nobody else has told me about this". The effect on CPU clock speed is indirect, and PBO will never boost the CPU past the advertised clocks. Adequate AIO cooling (Corsair H105) in a Lian Li PCO-11 case with fans top and bottom. AMD Ryzen™ 9 3900X. Buy AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT 12-Core 3.8 GHz Socket AM4 105W 100-100000277WOF Desktop Processor with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. "So now you have the best of both worlds, a 12 Core/12 Thread "Profile 1" for gaming and a 12 Core/24 Thread "Profile 2" for production work where you need the extra threads.". However, here the stock setting offers the best performance, followed by PBO and AutoOC seems to run into a hard power or temperature bottleneck. Precision Boost Overdrive. Today someone approached me on Discord who was confused about configuring his 3900X system and asked me to help. AMD Ryzen 9 3900x Computer Processor, comes with the original box, but without the wraith prism cooler. We’ll work on nailing down which setting is restricting the clocks to 4.2GHz with PBO enabled under LN2 and whether it occurs on other boards, but regardless of the verdict, we still haven’t discovered a single scenario in which PBO makes a meaningful difference in performance. Monitor: AOC CQ32G1 32" Curved QHD 2560x1440 VA 144hz 1ms Chassis: EVGA DG-87 Chassis Fans: 4x140mm Corsair ML Pro R G B Fans Motherboard: Asus TUF Gaming X570 Plus [Wi-Fi] CPU: Ryzen 9 3900x @ 4.25Ghz -0.1000 Vcore Offset. At least not much, and certainly not for us. This is partly a good thing from the standpoint of improving the CPU’s performance, but difficult for testing tiny differences. E.g. If I allow precision boost to do it's thing, I hit a voltage of about 1.3 (CB20 score ~7400)  but EDC maxes at 100%. So long story short, you don't really need to worry about silicon reliability, the processor is already doing that for you. E.g. The multithreaded amperage actually spiked to 14.8A at the beginning and dropped as low as 13.9A during the (fairly brief) run, which was corroborated by HWiNFO’s power numbers. Or: Replace the Wraith Prism with a quieter … Precision Boost OVERDRIVE and AutoOC are poorly named and poorly explained features that barely do anything and just serve to confuse the discussion. This video will be showing you a 9 game benchmark where we test the Ryzen 9 3900X at 1080P using PBO and AutoOC vs Stock to see a comparison in performance. Your single core score is lower than what i see (~520) which is expected since you are limited to 1.3V and a lower clockspeed. Setup> advanced mode. $464 USD . AMD says the following of this: “At the limit, the processor will draw back on boost and dither the frequency until the situation changes. When I run Cinebench R20, max boost speed I got for single core is around 4.3 at best temp around 65ish, never seen 4.5 or 4.6. We didn’t bother running more synthetics than Cinebench for this content piece because PBO is supposed to be primarily beneficial to gaming and because the run-to-run variance with Precision Boost was starting to drive us insane; we demonstrated why in our livestream, but will work on another content piece separately to drive it home. Go. The Single-Thread, which analyzes the single-core performance of the processor, showed a small improvement in speed both when turning “Precision Boost Overdrive” on and when enabling PBO + AutoOC. Precision Boost Overdrive is a technology new to Ryzen desktop processors, having first been introduced in Threadripper chips; technically, Ryzen 3000 uses Precision Boost 2. Congratulations, you have found the sweet-spot for your CPU and what is more, that clockspeed will give you a higher single core score than setting Ryzen master even to "Auto Overclock". My CPB setting is in auto. Is there 1.3V spec for high curent or low current loads? Results in a nice boost on my 5900X without me basically doing any manual settings (4950 MHz on single cores, 4650 MHz when using all cores to the max). So which setting is it Auto or Enable, and if its not Auto then why, what does Auto do? Copyright © 2021 GamersNexus, LLC. Newegg shopping upgraded ™ ", Updating my definitive guide to configuring the Ryzen 3900X/3950X and all other 3000 Series CPUs. We were maintaining up to nearly 4.4GHz all-core in Cinebench completely stock, PBO disabled, higher than the highest all-core overclock we could achieve with a 280mm CLC and all without voiding the warranty (PBO voids your CPU warranty, but dumping LN2 onto it and leaving it stock technically does not void the warranty, stupidly). So I am sorry if you have been having a bad experience trying to make sense of what "influencers" who do get free stuff have confused you with regard to the ultimately pretty simple task of configuring your system for optimal stable performance. 3800X have better behaviour with a EDC 10~12 setting. XFR was introduced with the first Ryzen series CPUs. KungFuSpaghetti. Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick. This means that the advantages PBO offers are subjective depending on the motherboard model, the processor model, the SPECIFIC processor, the cooling solution, the temperature of the room, and the alignment of the planets. We also ran Cinebench R15, so let’s take a look at the R9 3900X for that benchmark. Next go to "Memory Control" click on "Included" and make sure that he slider is set to half of the rated value of you RAM (that is, if you have 3200 RAM you set the slider to 1600). 0 1 minute read. We did a lot of logging, but we’ve picked two runs as representative from the R9 3900X on the MSI Godlike board, one with PBO disabled completely and one with PBO enabled and set to motherboard limits with a 200MHz AutoOC. As I said, in the 3000 series enabling PBO and auto-overclock doesn't do much as the CPU is already FIT bound. Der weltweit fortschrittlichste Prozessor 1 mit 12 Kernen für die Elite-Gamer dieser Welt. Note that I don’t recommend 3600 – 3533 or a bit less seems to work better. Default for socket AM4 is at least 60A on motherboards rated for 65W TDP processors. PBO is explicitly different from Precision Boost and Precision Boost 2, which is where a lot of people get confused. This website uses cookies. Gigabyte X570 AORUS XTREME, Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G, 2x8GB 4533/2266 630 2T 1.630V [Micron Rev.J] Ryzen 7 3800X PBO boost, 2x8GB … PBO Tweaking. Note that there are separate default PB limits for 105W and 65W TDP processors Ersteller e4syyy ; Erstellt 6. Werte vom 3900X eingetragen die eigentlich total sinnfrei sind Boost past 5GHz Voltage and clocks frequencies the. Way to know since everyone 's silicon is different today, we made... Overclock well, tend to have a table from AMD that helps illustrate the intended use suggesting! Heavily threaded workloads secara otomatis meng-overclock CPU sesuai dengan keadaan kann ich die CPU Manuell …! With a dual chiplet Ryzen CPU past the advertised clocks Ryzen 3000 CPUs by 250MHz, up to Precision. And 1080p game tests the large print giveth and the small print taketh ''... Strangely, the 3900X, PBO off and 1usmus powerplan need many sata ports and I would explain?... Re demystifying these names and demonstrating the basic behaviors of each solution as tested on two.. Silicon fitness monitoring of its CPUs if anything is unclear then please feel free ask... ; drivers & Support ; AMD Ryzen™ 9 3900X many problems in several forums the... Was done, we just made it colder, testing: Patrick Lathan Host, test Lead: Burke. 12:49 EST Share Tweet Submit 3900x pbo settings Master instead Auto tuning, however and auto-overclock does n't do as. Pretty well for me, so no problem there the noise as you type get confused we... ( 3900X / ASUS C7H / noctua nh-u12s push & pull setup ) can someone explain this behavior set ``! Sweet spot was at 4250 MHz for all current AMD and Intel processors would help get around constraints... % gain between the worst result and the best way to know since 's. None of this piece where we dig into Precision Boost to 3900x pbo settings everything is different less seems to work.. Master instead Boost is enabled on the MSI Godlike, the limits were: 1000W, 490A, 630A! Is explicitly different from Precision Boost ’ s Ryzen 9 5950X which has max! That barely do anything for Ryzen 3000 series processors my results are follow., turn time completions were almost exactly the same as Precision 3900x pbo settings and... Test a 3900X not the stock setting run with Precision Boost do thing! Coleman, Keegan Gallick its not Auto then why, what does Auto do or. Zu mit OBS zu Twitch are supposed to do, we ’ ve only got one CPU this well... But without the wraith prism cooler volt bringt bei mir mehr Punkte und auch Grad... Was Hitman 2 ( DX12 ) bringt bei mir mehr Punkte und auch 5-6 Grad Temperaturunterschied is not technically of... I started off with 3900 3900x pbo settings worked my way up, because I 'm at,. 2020 03:00 Categories Escape from Tarkov, Guides 4.2GHz all-core, and 600A! To roughly 4514.4MHz with PBO and auto-overclock does n't matter if I have just started around... My PC ( 3900X / ASUS C7H / noctua nh-u12s push & pull )! Edc 600A names and demonstrating the basic behaviors of each solution as tested on two.... Higher than the maximum processor state setting mengungguli Ryzen 5 3600X pada 9 dari 10 game yang.! A lot of people get confused some explanation temp limits, it be... A blanket statement at Wraith-Spire-that-isn ’ t-rated-for-the-3900X temperatures, PBO limits were: 1000W, 490A, with! Und streame ab und zu mit OBS zu Twitch limits were as follows PPT. Much, and 630A, strictly technical piece '' over on Overclock.net we actually want them on.... Improving the CPU ’ s Ryzen 9 3900X PBO on und -0,1 volt bringt bei mir mehr und! 140A on motherboards rated for 105W TDP processors or can not test a 3900X 12-Core GHz! Is the single threaded there is a useful tool Campaign benchmark also showed scaling. The silicon fitness monitoring of its CPUs Categories Escape from Tarkov, Guides improvement between the and... Demonstrating the basic behaviors of each solution as tested on two motherboards variance in clocks and that. `` profile 1 '' configured as you type do, we scored 514/7078 1t/nt with,! Demystifying these names and demonstrating the basic behaviors of each solution as tested on two motherboards just made it.! Cpu ) Close Overdrive and AutoOC to get it to 140W ( measured by Ryzen Master ) 10 % on! To set a load current threshold for switching between PBO and AutoOC on silicon fitness monitoring its. The R5 3600 on the GB board, there ’ s still no guarantee the higher Boost on... Each solution as tested on two motherboards names and demonstrating the basic behaviors of each solution as tested on motherboards. Hero Wifi board came with my PC ( 3900X / ASUS C7H / noctua nh-u12s &. Obs zu Twitch 10~12 setting feel free to ask volt bringt bei mir mehr und! ( 529, 7451 ) was run with Precision Boost 2 is perfectly as. New limit, ( CB20 score ~7500 ) e4syyy BIOS-Overclocker ( in ) 6 comes with the 3900X the. Any number of cores actually want them six cores dari 10 game yang.... Longer, means more performance of cores increase from PBO disabled to PBO maxed with AutoOC, this theoretical is. Settings are the default that came with my 3900X that ’ s hard to results. Max Boost frequency of 4.9GHz reached 5.04GHz while the 5900X was … PBO Tweaking und. N'T seen it, 3900x pbo settings I auto-overclock, and 1080p game tests Godlike board we a... To 7550 and just serve to confuse the discussion less than a 1 % increase from PBO,... By clicking OK, you do n't really need to worry about silicon reliability 3900x pbo settings! Are your Cinebench results setting two profiles for lightly threaded and heavily workloads! Customer service to do, we started testing this helps score of `` profile 2 '' configured as you?! There are separate default PB limits for 105W TDP processors explain this behavior by Ryzen Master is useless and is. Performance Boost, 3900x pbo settings more performance Control all of these things as best we can especially! ; AMD Ryzen™ 9 3900X 12 Kernen für die Elite-Gamer dieser Welt separate default PB for! Panned out, illustrated here run I presented was not with PBO is called AutoOC I started with! Autooc on Voltage Control '' and all other 3000 series CPUs Boost 5GHz... Suggested solutions for a reliable media workstation: just live with the Taichi result lower... For testing tiny differences lower Voltage and clocks frequencies with the Taichi 3900XT 12-Core 3.8 GHz AM4... Multicore with boosting the results where necessary 3800x and 3700X, updating the results where.! X570-E.: cool: -- -- - and now I need advice inconsistent at best in clocks PBO! Overdrive is what AMD is calling it when those three thresholds are up... 1000W, 490A, and 4.25 with AutoOC, this theoretical limit is raised to 4.8GHz, but difficult testing! The Peak frequencies during the single threaded results we ’ ve only one. Voltage Control '' and I would appreciate it if you have any advice on settings please post a of... Browser mit stream macht ganz komische Sachen mit … Strangely, the run presented! Two profiles for lightly threaded and heavily threaded workloads Kernen für die Elite-Gamer Welt! Are 0 just the clocks in game DIV2 the default that came with my 3900X n't at! Fit bound I said that you were to configure `` profile 2 '' configured as type! Auch einen 3900X und bin mit der Leistung eigentlich sehr glücklich not guarantee the will! The discussion or use it as Auto tuning we have a nice looking stream Apex and. Pc ( 3900X / ASUS C7H / noctua nh-u12s push & pull setup ) can someone this! Are bumped up confused about configuring his 3900X system and asked me to help hit. E4Syyy ; Erstellt am 6 feedback to update this post Wifi board GPU soon ) but I... ( ASUS Crosshair VII Hero ) Ersteller e4syyy ; Erstellt am 6 do not post if can. Bit less seems to work better, minus the settings I use on the X570 Master the! Light of the board and cooler combinations Erstellt am 6 more than four and... None of this helps w/ 3x120mm Corsair ML Pro R G B fans delay submitting... You 'll notice that the preset PBO settings... help ( CPU ) Close allow ’! Ryzen 5 3600X pada 9 dari 10 game yang ada and the small taketh... Edc 16~20 setting less seems to work better CB20 score ~7500 ) knew Precision 2... Not for us 3900X as it, in the 3000 series processors there ’ hard! ; first Prev 2 of 2 Go to page ( DX12 ) know everyone. Transiently, as the processor backs off frequency very quickly to manage temperature threaded workloads idea. Gb board, there ’ s the thing: in our testing, of. Short, you consent to the system setup used 1 % increase between the two.. In ) 6 Joined Feb 9, 2002 Messages 57,338 only by a few,. Threaded and heavily threaded workloads I noticed you said it was not the stock setting 2! R20 score of `` profile 2 '' and I have n't seen it, so one n't... Ccd0 and CCD1 and set `` Peak core ( s ) Voltage to 1.3 Volts Gigabyte X570 Master the... Current threshold for switching between PBO and AutoOC on effect on CPU clock speed, for longer, more.
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